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Pobrecitas - Poor Little Things

So what is all the Fuss about with Pobrecitas? According to the Urban Dictionary It's Spanish and means 'Poor Little Things'. However, don't waste your sympathy on these 'Poor Little Things' because they know exactly what they are doing - and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Surely, it's every young girl's dream to be the Belle of the Ball and have all these fit gorgeous guys clamouring to fill every hole she has. Here she is with the first cock of the day and she is fully occupied sucking on his stiff pulsating and expanding cock, that he is ramming down her throat, slowly but surely inch by inch until she is gagging on it or maybe later on gagging for it. Yet she is not satisfied with just one guy, nah! the more the merrier. It becomes necessary for her to be manhandled into different positions. Resulting in her maybe lying face down on top of one fella, while he guides his rampant cock into her squelchy pussy and another ramrod is making its way up her well lubricated asshole.

Try Teens - Janett
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Since the moment we met her Janett kept bragging about how she likes rough sex andthat nothing is off limits when it comes to her pleasure. However, her face told adifferent story when these two studs started fucking her. Gagging on a dick, whileanother was plowing her pussy was fine with her, but when they double penetrated hertight holes, she started questioning her decision. They pounded this tiny blonde niceand hard, and she took it all like a champ. Used and abused, she was left covered incum, but craving a second round of this hardcore penetration.

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Hardcore Youth - Jordan
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Jordan is a beauty! Naughty, horny and uninhibited, this chick really wants to get fucked in the ass. Dressed in sexy lingerie she goes into the bedroom and flaunts her sexy curves in front of him. She gives him some good head and then sits on his rock hard sausage, working his dong deep in her perfect butt. Moaning and enjoying every second of it, she gets on all fours, getting nailed doggy style until he reaches climax and jizzes in her nasty mouth.

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Brutal Invasion - Shrima Malati
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Smoking hot Shrima Malati loves spending her time masturbating or having sex, and she always lets herself experiment. Stripping and rubbing her delicious pussy, this hottie can`t stop but think about two large cocks pounding her senseless. Turned upside down she swallows their meat poles till they get rock hard. These studs take turns penetrating her tiny ass, and stretching it so hard it is left wide open. You wouldn`t think this petite chick can take so much dick, but as they cum in her mouth, you can see she wouldn`t mind getting screwed again.

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The guy is sitting in an armchair and the pretty young girl is sitting astride him. His purple headed cock is making its way up her love tunnel. Meanwhile, her mouth is occupied by his tongue that is so far down her throat, it makes her gag. So being a perfect gentleman, he removes his tongue. But another eager beaver, quickly puts his quivering joystick into her gaping mouth. He is excited and it doesn't take long before her mouth is full of his cum. She doesn't want to swallow it, but being a well brought up young lady, she knows it's rude to spit. She can't hold it forever and it can be seen trickling out of the corners of her mouth, down her chin and ending up making its way down the valley between her pert tits. She then becomes aware that the guy whose knee she is sitting on has cum and filled her glory hole with his love juices. She disentangles herself and gets off his knee. That solves her problem of how to dispose of his cum - without hurting his feelings. As she stands up, the juices run down the inside of her thighs.

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Suddenly she finds herself on her hands and knees, while some young buck is ramming his rock hard cock up her arse hole. The pain is excruciating, as if her insides are being ripped apart. Then her pony tail is grabbed and her head is roughly yanked up, a thick black sausage is forced into her mouth. The remaining juices from her previous mouthful gushes out. Her assailant keeps hold of her pony tail, so preventing her from escaping. She clamps her teeth together, with a roar of pain he pulls his bleeding cock out of her mouth and sits on the floor, rocking back and forth, moaning and nursing his by now limp dick. Meanwhile the cock that was filling her arse hole, deflates and come out in sympathy. She kneels down beside the man who is still moaning quietly to himself. Gently removing his hand from his injured cock, tenderly she bends down and kisses it. She tells him she?s sorry and hopes he will forgive her. At her touch and kiss, his cock had come back to life - his cum spurted out all over her face.

If you ask her if she enjoyed herself, she will flutter her eyelashes and look all innocent, before saying yes.

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